I was all “wow capybara and guinea pigs this is gonna help make me feel better”

But I was not expecting that to start playing and I couldn’t stop laughing.

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Career goal: Puppy Bowl referee.

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This takes a lot for me to post so be nice :D
I decided to put some of my favourite Dita Von Teese underwear on and love myself! I think that is all part of the journey in losing weight. I don’t love have to love all of myself all the time, sometimes it’s hard when my belly makes a wiggle skirt look terrible or my boobs don’t feel out a shirt right but then there are other times I do love my body! My waist makes a swing skirt look amazing and let’s just put it out there, my bum is pretty fabulous in high waisted undies! I am working to change the things I don’t like because some days I (and you) look in the mirror and pick out the parts I don’t like but I don’t forget the fabulous bits! Try picking them out and making yourself feel good first thing in the morning :D it’s working for me!

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