We assume others show love the same way we do — and if they don’t, we worry it’s not there.

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So important to understand to have a successful relationship.

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cute gender neutral dating terms for the signs


Aries: dirt pile

Taurus: memer

Gemini: nerdlord

Cancer: ANGRY nerdlord

Leo: feisty young’n

Virgo: strategically draped piece of fabric

Libra: anime trash

Scorpion: le hawt nb yaoiz partner

Sagittarius: cutie patoot but also NEEEEEEEEERD

Capricorn: the coolest cat around

Aquarius: emotional wreck but MY emotional wreck

Pisces: avril lavigne fan

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spooky orientations for halloween:

  • lesbooan
  • zombi
  • aliensexual
  • ghostay
  • panskeletonual
  • homorobotmantic
  • straight

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Architecture and Morality (2004), Glenn Brown


Architecture and Morality (2004), Glenn Brown

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It ain’t true love until you kiss after oral

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Is there any chance for a Loxodon Planeswalker in the future? That's all I want out of life


I think the point is irrelephant. : )


Pokemon Fusion Fan Art

Some amazing pokemon fusion fan art with a creepy twist


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period by KRUNK Interactive